Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Liberals love their Country. Really. No Fooling.

Every year, around July 4th (and other Patriotic holidays like Memorial Day or Veterans Day), Liberal commentators write kind of a set column, designed to show that they love America. The fact that they feel the need to underline their love for America makes it clear that there is some REASON to doubt it. You don't spend a lot of time defending yourself unless you have something to defend, right?

So let's look at Liberal's love of America. Well here's
an article by John Nichols that equates President Bush with King George the Third. Not sure how far to take that; does Mr. Nichols see AL-QAEDA as the colonial army? He then quotes some isolationist words from Mr. John Quincy Adams, words that just don't seem as reasonable in a 20th century world where the oceans no longer protect us.

an article by Dorothy M. Ehrlich that suggests that, in order to honor the patriotic ideals of July 4th, we ABANDON the protections offered by the U.S. Patriot Act.

And here's
an article by William F. Schulz suggesting that Liberals really are patriotic after all.
I love hot dogs and apple pie - too much, in fact. I'm a big baseball fan (though I admit that because I grew up in Pittsburgh, I root for the hapless Pirates). I relish our verdant prairies and majestic mountain peaks. And I'm deeply moved every time I watch CBS News' Fallen Heroes and learn of one more brave young man or woman who died for our country.

It's not just because my American credentials are impregnable, however, that the anti-American charge rankles me. It's because we in the human rights business are among the most appreciative of what America stands for. We are the ones who so often witness what frequently happens in other countries to people who disagree with their governments.
If you are so appreciative of America, why don't you SHUT UP about bogus charges of torture and abuse? I'm just saying.

Frankly the most patriotic thing that most liberals could do is just to SHUT UP in general.

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