Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Just the FACTS ma'am

Just read something over at the Huffington Post I found interesting. Let's look at it.
Then Fund went on to say (astonishingly people can speak after a lobotomy) that Ambassador Wilson’s claims regarding yellowcake uranium were proved false.


Did I wake up in a world where WMD’s were found and a democracy was born in the Middle East while the entire war paid for itself in oil?
This is the world Democrats inhabit; a world where any roadblock in their agenda can be eliminated with a wave of a magic wand and a mention of the missing WMD's.

Did Joe Wilson claim that WMD's wouldn't be found, that Democracy wouldn't be born in the Middle East, and that the war wouldn't pay for itself with oil money? He may have; certainly there have been enough DEMOCRATIC DOOMSAYERS around.

But his chief claim was that President Bush lied when he spoke of Saddam seeking Enriched Uranium in Africa. As far as I know that claim has never been proven true and Wilson was in no position to know one way or another. He couldn't know what happened in other parts of Africa, and he couldn't know what BRITISH INTELLIGENCE discovered.

But that's a good strategy for Wilson. When you are proven FALSE, just claim you predicted something else!

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