Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Judge for all Seasons

Consider this for a moment. How much wealth does government regulation create each year? Note the term wealth, which is not the same as money. Wealth indicates something of value has been created, as opposed to lawyers fees which, in reality, add no value to anything.

The truth is regulation creates no wealth. It can't. All it can do is prevent wealth from being created.

Larry Kudlow, in
an article reprinted at Townhall, suggests that our new Supreme Court Justice understands this principle.
Roberts is a genuine free-market judge, someone who will not assume that business is always guilty until proven innocent. He should land on the side of limiting damages for personal injury and product liability settlements, which hopefully will include asbestos, medical malpractice and phony securities lawsuits. He may also be sympathetic to corporate patent-holders of intellectual property, while seeking to oppose local regulators in areas of telecom access, energy development and production, and streamlined power utilities.
SELFISH WORKERS, ZEALOUS REGULATORS, and CRAZED ENVIRONMENTALISTS have all had their day in court. Now, with Roberts on the Bench, perhaps it will time for those people who create the wealth in this country to get their (FAIR!) day in court.

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