Tuesday, July 26, 2005

It's all my Fault

Good Morning all! : ) I'm somewhat chipper, despite Dennis Prager's efforts to bring me down.

You see Dennis Prager holds me partially responsible for the recent terror in London and the ongoing terror in Iraq. Apparently seeing the Palestinian Conflict in anything but Black (Palestinians) and White (Israelis) leads people to justify terrorism. He also seems to imply that a leftist Israeli government agreed to give up 97% of Israel to the Palestinians - I'm pretty sure that's not right. I think a correct formulation would be 97% of the lands Palestinians requested.

To be fair to Mr. Prager's argument, there are a few leftists who have indicated solidarity with Terrorist Groups. But the vast majority of American Liberals are sickened by the use of terror as a political tactic.

I think that, from Mr. Prager's point of view, the use of terrorism invalidates any position the terrorist might take. If a terrorist claimed that "Dogs make good companions," we'd all have to become Cat people. Obviously this doesn't apply to terrorists who blow up abortion clinics or who kill doctors. So the fact that leftists believe that Palestinian Terrorists are worthless murderers and also believe that the Palestinian people have legitimate grievances against Israel, well that just blows their minds. : )) So they have to lash out at us.

Looked at in that light, I guess Mr. Prager's anger is a bit understandable. But I don't think that excuses blaming us for international terrorism.

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