Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I'm Angry!!!

Hi all! I'd like to make a smiley face, but I'm too ANGRY to do so. :-[

I'm angry at Dennis Prager who, in his latest article, argues that Democrats do not support the troops. Nope. Democrats and liberals do not support the troops, because we do not support how those troops are being used.
In order to understand this, we need to first have a working definition of the term "support the troops." Presumably it means that one supports what the troops are doing and rooting for them to succeed. What else could "support the troops" mean? If you say, for example, that you support the Yankees or the Dodgers, we assume it means you want them to win.

But most of the Left does not want the troops to win in Iraq.
I don't know where Mr. Prager gets his statistics. I suspect they are basically assumptions.

I also don't agree with his argument that in order to support the troops we have to support how they are used. That's stupid. What Mr. Prager forgets is that Soldiers are Humans, with feelings and emotions just like his. Soldiers aren't objects and they aren't pawns. They are people! So it is entirely possible for a liberal or a democrat to support the person and wish that person well while disagreeing with the purpose for which that person is being used.

That's the root of Mr. Pragers problems there; thinking of people as things. :-(

I noticed, incidentally, how many times Mr. Prager states that he's not questioning Liberals patriotism. Of course he is, no matter how many times he denies it. Our Soldiers represent this nation, as much as the flag and the bald eagle. To oppose the Soldiers or to be anti-Soldier (as distinct from being opposed to a specific conflict) is to be opposed to America. So, Mr. Prager, I'm pretty sure you are questioning mine and other liberals patriotism.

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