Friday, July 15, 2005

I am Rubber and You are Glue

Hi all! :)

I was listening to Rush while driving around at lunch today. Apparently before I started listening he said that us liberals were motivated by a seething hatred of President Bush (something he's said before). A nice liberal lady called in to challenge that statement. She said that we didn't hate President Bush, and referred to how the Republicans had talked about President Clinton.

According to Rush, he never hated President Clinton. His differences with President Clinton were over policy and over the fact that President Clinton lied. He didn't have any problem with President Clinton personally.

That's kind of nonsense. Rush seems to want it both ways. He and other Republicans can go after President Clinton with every weapon in their arsenal, and then say that there is nothing personal. On the other hand, when Democrats disagree with President Bush it can only be motivated by seething hatred. Kind of a rigged system Rush.

Maybe you'd be better off admitting that conservatives did have a visceral dislike of Clinton. And conversely acknowledge that Democrats have a few policy disagreements with President Bush (mixed in with all their "seething hatred").

Just something to think about.

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