Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hooray for America

Hi Everybody! : )

Armstrong Williams, who got in a little trouble a while back, has a
new column in which he writes about the everyday people who make this country great! In fact, that's the name of his column. The everyday people who make this country great!

In it he talks about the soldiers who defend us and the normal people who just do their thing and do good in their communities. However, he also talks about the things he thinks aren't good for America. Like too much prosperity.

A century later and America is glutted with prosperity, but increasingly empty in spirit. For no accumulation of objects can truly lessen the burden of human anxiety. How do we keep this spiritual numbness from inhibiting and destroying us? The answer is straightforward: we must revel in the greatness of fundamental pleasures: family, civility, and the striving for moral excellence. Therein lies the means by which everyday Americans may ensure the survival of this country.
I totally agree with this. Americans are too focused on their own pleasure and not enough on being friendly to other people. Like when I walk down the street I try to smile at people. Sometimes they smile back and that makes me happy. But lots of times they don't and I'm always like "Look, how hard is it to smile."

Anyway I don't want to end on a negative note. Hooray for America! :-))

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