Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Fifty Nine Years ago today, al-Qaeda had a very bad day. They probably didn't realize it at the time (if they were even around in 1946). But on July 6th, 1946, the man who would grow up to be our current President was born.

I'm confident that years from now, when this day is a national holiday, our children will ask us what it was like to live during the reign of such a talented and wise man. I don't know what I will tell them. Will I comment at the yapping of the Democrats constantly undermining his efforts to protect the nation? Or will that seem too petty in the future?

Probably be too petty; by then, I'm sure the Democratic Party will be no more than a historical curiosity. President Bush's constant success is showing America that Conservative principles work. And despite the deceptions of the media, the American people are figuring it out. They can tell the difference between a media hyped economy like we had in the 90s and a real economic boom like we are having now. They can tell the difference between scolding our enemies and dealing with our enemies.

So enjoy your special day Mr. President. America stands with you!

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