Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Follow the Leader

Who says the New York Times is all bad? Not I. In my opinion the New York Times is no more than 98.4% bad.

But in an editorial published at the New York Times today, they take a stance on Homelessness that I approve of.
The [Homeless] advocates argue that some of the shelter residents in question suffer mental illnesses and should not be held accountable for their actions. The city clearly needs to be careful in the eviction process. But the advocates need to read the writing on the wall. From now on, homeless New Yorkers will be pushed to take more responsibility for reclaiming their lives, and that is not at all a bad thing.
See that's a good start. But how about this, instead of asking the Homeless to take MORE responsibility, why not simply ask them to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY For their own lives.

Of course, expecting the Homeless to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY would put a dent in the social welfare industrial complex's bottom line, so I can see why the Times might not want to take the obvious next step.

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