Thursday, July 14, 2005


Hi Everybody! : )

Debra Saunders, conservative columnist, takes on the Rove/Plame fandango in her latest article. She admits that President Bush promised to fire the leaker, which is good.
I understand the front-page treatment in the Times and The San Francisco Chronicle when it came out that Rove spoke about Plame with Time’s Matthew Cooper. President Bush made the mistake of saying he would fire any staffer who leaked “classified” information -- a Clintonesque pledge and hedge. Bush owes the public an explanation. If he doesn’t fire Rove, he should explain why.
Most of her article though is about how the press treats Republican wrongdoing. Apparently she would like to see Republicans treated more gently in the future, and liberals (like Joe Wilson) treated more strictly.

I do think we Liberals need to be careful about Rove though. It's possible he has not actually committed a crime, and if not, well, I hope we aren't too far out on a limb when that information surfaces.

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