Thursday, July 14, 2005

Defending the Undefendable

So Karl Rove is in trouble. Apparently repeating a well known TRUTH about a man who is LYING is now treason in Democrats eyes. I'll bet they had hit on this strategy during the Clinton Years.

Anybody who can still believe the phony balony nonsense Joe Wilson spouted clearly hasn't been paying attention to the media in the slightest. Even Daily Howler, normally a bastion of Liberal Media Criticism,
has admitted that Wilson had no way to know if the story he was presenting was true.
This is what we’ve always told you—Wilson had no way of knowing if the 16-word statement was right or wrong. He had no way to debunk it! But throughout his thrilling and best-selling book, he calls this statement a “lie-lie-lie-lie,” over and over and over again. But then, grinding overstatement like that has been the problem with Wilson all along (as the three senators correctly note). And now, alas, Dems will start to pay a price for investing so much in his presentations.
Wilson claimed that Vice President Cheney sent him to Africa, so that he could claim that Cheney knew what he discovered in Nigeria. It turns out both of those statements are pretty false. It was Joe Wilson's WIFE (Valerie Plame) who got him that job in Africa (which is why I some times refer to him as the Gigelo Ambassador). Some in the Bush Administration clearly wanted to correct this LIE that Wilson was spreading throughout the land.

So I think
Matthew Rothschild's article for the Progressive may be a little premature in its predictions.
When Rove’s attorney acknowledged to Newsweek that Rove had talked about this story with Matt Cooper of Time, even before Robert Novak published his hatchet job, Rove was left with little place to hide.

Even though Rove and his attorney appear to be doing some sort of Clintonesque dance about the naming of Plame--it depends on what the definition of “name” is--Rove finds himself in legal harm’s way.

He’s also in political harm’s way, as is his boss.
He goes on to repeat President Bush's desire to find out who the leaker was and take appropriate action. It's funny; usually Liberals react to the prospect of President Bush keeping his word with horror. See, for example, how they are reacting to his selection of a new Supreme Court Justice. But this is one promise they want him to live up to.

And I'm confident he will. If it is determined that there has been wrong doing on the part of Rove or any other member of the Bush Administration, I am confident that Bush will handle that problem. I am equally confident he is not going to take disciplinary action in the absence of firm evidence.

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