Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Call to Arms

Hi all! This won't be a very upbeat post, just to warn you. : - (
Here's what Blair should say to the Muslim leaders: "The onus is on you guys. You find and shut down the terrorists and their network. You turn those who incite, plan and encourage violence over to the authorities. If you don't act, we will by closing and bulldozing the mosques and schools that incubate and instruct the killers, prosecuting the terrorists we find and deporting them and their clerics, and closing our borders to anyone from countries that harbor and teach terrorists. Those who are British citizens will be stripped of their citizenship."
This is from Cal Thomas's latest article, in which he pretty explicitly calls for Britain (and America, I'd guess) to outlaw Islam, unless all terrorism immediately stops. I don't know if that's very likely.
To make us feel better and allow us to "get on with our lives," we make believe the jihadists are a tiny minority and not "mainstream Islam." But what if they are mainstream - part of an elaborate conspiracy designed to dupe the West while the infiltration of Britain, America and all of Europe continues unabated?
This is the kind of statement one should be embarrassed to make, I think. You are encouraging suspicion and hate, Mr. Thomas, based on nothing. Of course we need to protect ourselves against terrorists, but does that mean we need to become as hateful an genocidal as they are?
Wake up, America and Britain! The jihadists are after us and they will stop at nothing until we all live under the banner of Islam, either by fear or by force.

Where have you gone, Harry Truman and Winston Churchill? Our nations turn their lonely eyes to you. Boo-hoo-hoo.
Churchill and Truman went after those who had attacked us, Mr. Thomas. They didn't go after people who happened to dress like the people who attacked us. So maybe you should rethink this call to arms, and refocus it on those who are our real enemies.

Just a friendly thought : - )

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