Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Asking Questions?

Sometimes I'm forced to wonder exactly how DUMB do Liberals think that Conservatives are? I get that feeling from a recent article by Sean Gonsalves in which he asks if Conservatives are smart enough to figure to investigate terrorists.
. . . not only are ''liberals'' out to destroy America with their bleeding hearts and soft-headedness, they're also Jean Paul Sarte-reading navel-gazers.

Now, to see how ridiculous this is, imagine if this real-men-don't-introspect logic was applied to, say, police homicide investigations.

Detectives routinely ask why. Why would someone kill this particular person? What was the motive? In doing so, cops aren't ''justifying'' murder. They're not making excuses when they speak of what environmental circumstances provided the opportunity or the encouragement to kill.
You see the subtext I take it. Conservatives aren't BRIGHT enough to do detective work; only Liberals with their more advanced way of looking at things are.

Conservatives would never think of trying to figure out where the terrorists are, say. Or figuring out what the badguys are trying to do. This is doubly funny or annoying when one considers how Liberals have consistently tried to hamstring the FBI and the CIA.

No, I'm sorry, but Gonsalves is dead wrong. What Conservatives find objectionable from these questions is not how they are used to figure out where the terrorists are. Instead we find it offensive that Liberals would use such questions to SCOLD America and force their anti-American views down our throat.

It's one thing to ask where Osama will strike next and another to ask what he thinks of America's foreign policy or tolerance at home. I can see asking the first; asking the second is stupid!

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