Monday, July 18, 2005

Accusing with Faint Exonerations

Well, maybe Rove isn't as guilty as we all thought. Geov Parrish, liberal commentator, has suggested something anybody with half a brain already knows. The liberals are so eager to make their case against Karl Rove, they haven't noticed that said case doesn't hold water.

Nice of one Liberal to pick up on that. But then he ends with this bit.
It's easy, and fun, to imagine Karl Rove in handcuffs. It's far more damning to get to the heart of what actually happened here. In all likelihood, Rove did not do what he is accused of.

But somebody did.
Well, first of all, it's very possible that Valerie Plame's status was well known around Washington at that time. It's possible she wasn't an undercover agent (as defined by statute). It's possible that whoever leaked this information did not know her status. So it's possible no crime was committed at all.

While this article seems like it's exonerating Rove, in reality it is clearing him so that the Democrats can go after the Bush Administration as a whole. That's the mindset of the Modern Liberal; the ENEMY isn't the terrorists. The ENEMY is the President and his Administration.

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