Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Welcome to Babylon

Testing Testing One Two Three.

Hi all. Some of you have come to know me through my previous comments. I helped bring to light the FALLACIOUS information that the previous writer of this blog posted. While I have a certain amount of respect for Bryant, he should have been more careful in his facts. He should also take some lessons in how to take criticism.

The management of this website invited me to participate in this new format, in which I will represent the Conservative point of view and Cheery will attempt to represent the Liberal point of view. Naturally I have a bit of an easier time of it; the Conservative point of view actually makes sense.

At any rate, along with me and Cheery, you can look for continued appearances by the Monster, once he returns from his sabbatical. I must say I admire how he stood up for truth in his post. We will also be using Irwin J. McIckleson a bit more than Bryant did. I think his views on America, coming from a point of time before it was corrupted by the New Deal, are valuable. To start with he will do the Weekly Round the Horn Feature, although he will probably contribute other columns as well.

So look forward to a great new day for this website!

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