Thursday, June 30, 2005

The War and The Journalist

Tne New York Crimes has on it's editorial page today an editorial by a Mr. Bob Herbert. Herbert states authoritatively that the war in Iraq needs more troops. This is an interesting conclusion. Particularly since Herberts background seems to be pretty much entirely in the field of journalism.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this; I'll bet Mr. Herbert was just super good at Capture the Flag as a kid.

At any rate he does quote some Military leaders, possibly hoping their machismo will rub off onto him. Take this section for example.
The Times's Richard A. Oppel Jr. wrote an article recently about a tragically common occurrence in Iraq: U.S. forces fight to free cities and towns from the grip of insurgents, and then leave. With insufficient forces left behind to secure the liberated areas, the insurgents return.

"We have a finite number of troops," said Maj. Chris Kennedy of the Third Armored Cavalry Regiment. "But if you pull out of an area and don't leave security forces in it, all you're going to do is leave the door open for them to come back. This is what our lack of combat power has done to us throughout the country."
Course it's kind of hard to tell who Herbert respects more, his fellow reporter or Major Chris Kennedy. And, maybe it's just me, but wouldn't President Bush (COMMANDER in CHIEF) have a better idea of what's needed in Iraq than a Major?

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