Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A New Beginning!

Hi all this is Cheery! :)

I have been asked to take over this site for a short period, along with my co-contributor, who will post later.

I suppose I should say I have the utmost respect for the work Mr. Bryant was doing here. I hope, though, that I can represent the liberal point of view in a little bit more of an upbeat and fair manner. We liberals have to have a positive can-do message for America or we are never going to get anywhere! ;)

At any rate I don't have anything to comment on right now. I agree with Bryant that President Bush's speech was not everything it could be. :( He needs to start taking this war seriously instead of just repeating himself in every speech or press conference. I think by now we all realize that the war in Iraq is hard work! :-

Anyway here's to a big bright future for Make Me a Commentator!!! :-D

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