Wednesday, June 29, 2005

It's Impeachment Time!!! NOT!!!!

Just finished an interesting set of rants from Byron Williams latest article. In the first part, he tries to defend the indefensible comments of Dick Durbin (or, as Rush likes to call him, Dick Turbin). Since the comments are patently absurd and since Durbin has already apologized for them, it's kind of of a hard sale.

But it's the second part of his rant, involving the Downing Street Memo and talks of impeachment, where Williams really shines. Apparently some leftist KNUCKLEHEADS are suggesting the time might be right to impeach President Bush. What nonsense! For one thing, the Downing Street proves nothing except that President Bush thought that Iraq was a threat. What a surprise! Fortunately, Mr. Williams agrees that this does not constitute an impeachable offense.
Because a Republican-led House was irresponsible in its use of constitutional power does not beget similar acts.

Martin Luther King Jr. would not stand today as our nation's moral conscience had he called for armed resistance or random acts of violence against whites. Instead, he called upon the country to rise to the level of greatness to which it had originally aspired.

Those appalled by the possible ramifications of the Downing Street memo are burdened with the same challenge.
I wouldn't hold my breath, Williams. Today's Democrats are barely up to the challange of chewing gum and walking down the street at the same time! And anyway there's NO REASON to be troubled by the Downing Street Memo!

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