Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Helpful Harry Reid

Hi again! : ) I was just reading about the help Senator Harry Reid is giving President Bush. Certainly there is some concern on the liberal side of the fence as to what is going to happen when the next Supreme Court vacancy opens up. I'm sure that President Bush is just as worried over a possible showdown.

Well, according to the New York Times, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has offered to help President Bush make up his mind. :-o I'm impressed!
Seeking a possible consensus nominee, Reid recommended Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Mel Martinez of Florida, Mike DeWine of Ohio and Mike Crapo of Idaho.

Reid described them all as bright and able lawyers who would be strong additions to the nation's highest court.

``We have had approximately 10 members of the Supreme Court that came from the United States Senate over the years,'' Reid told reporters.

``There are people who serve in the Senate now who are Republicans who I think would be outstanding Supreme Court members,'' Reid said.
You see. This is a very constructive way to help President Bush pick people to nominate to the Supreme Court. Instead of saying No! all the time, the Democrats can lend a helping hand! : )

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